He’s a fixer from what once called The Eastern Block. Let’s say he specialises in making things happen.
You need something? He might have it.
You want something done? It can be arranged.
He travels in and out the main sector meeting many individuals.
He’s not there to judge them… only help them achieve their goals, for a price.
It’s gonna be a long trip, so drop your shit over there, buckle up, and try to relax.
Remember, You were not asked to come with, so don’t expect anyone to stick their neck out for you.
Watch your back and keep close.
This world can be ugly. He’s been traveling long enough to know all the shades of human darkness, all the monstrosities that lie deep
in the greedy souls of the human kind and art minds.
You wanted to touch it?
This is your chance,
Your chance to get hands dirty…